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About me

I’m a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands. I have been using WordPress since 2006 and started contributing back to it in 2009 with my first code contribution in early 2010. And since then I have been able to do some great things for the community like a complete revamp of the image manipulation logic. I also have been the lead developer of GlotPress from the beginning of 2013 till the end of 2015. This tool is one of the leading factors for getting WordPress translated in so many languages as it currently is.

I have founded my own company called CodeKitchen B.V. Here I’m building innovative projects based on WordPress and Node.js. Check out the company’s site for more information.

June 4th, 1986
Erica, The Netherlands
Erica, The Netherlands


I've been speaking at small and large events and it's something I'm passionated to do. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have to others with the goal to inspire them.

I currently spoke at 37 events which are mostly focussed on WordPress.

WordPress Contributions

WordPress is a great tool I use on a daily base and since 2010 I contribute back to the core of WordPress. Since then I helped out on 14 versions with 102 contributions in total.

14 Versions

102 Contributions

66 Events visited

37 Presentations