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About me


I love WordPress since I started using it for my site in 2006. In 2009 I made my first contribution to WordPress and start doing it more regular after that. Now I only work on WordPress related projects.


I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I love speak about it. I speak mostly about using WordPress. I spoke at multiple WordCamps and WordPress meetups. Check my list of all the WordPress events I attended and spoke at.


I’m currently working on projects like WordPress and GlotPress. I was a recent rockstar for WordPress 3.4 and currently the lead developer of GlotPress. I also share a lot of my code and show what awesome things you can do with WordPress.

Meetup Amsterdam

Since the end of 2012 I organized WordPress meetups in Amsterdam. Having some awesome presentations and afterwards we have a drink and a good talk.


Since 2009 I started creating interaction designs and developing apps for the iPhone and the iPad. It’s amazing to build apps that are getting used by friends.


I blog on several platforms with each it own focus. On my own site I blog about life related events and future ideas for WordPress. On WP Unknown I blog about WordPress development. This site is only focus on that and I feel there isn’t a site like this that only focus on WordPress development.


Since the end of 2011 I started traveling more often and specially to places where there are WordPress events. It’s really cool to do and I would recommend it to everyone. Hopefully this year I can visit Africa and Asia.


In my younger years I have played a lot of handball and hopefully I can pick it up quickly. Now I mainly play tennis and I play every now and then a tournament.