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About Me

I’m a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands. I have been using WordPress since 2006 and started contributing back to it in 2009 with my first code contribution in early 2010. And since then I have been able to do some great things for the community like a complete revamp of the image manipulation logic.

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24 WordPress versions
111 WordPress core patches
39 public presentations

My recent posts

Goals for 2022

Recap It has been exactly 4 years since I have last posted and that was about the goals I had for 2018. Most I missed because that is the general rule of having goals setting at the beginning of the year. Mostly because I spent a lot of time on work and traveling to my […]

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Goals 2018

First of all, 2017 has been an amazing year. First of all, I finally own my own house to which I invite all my friends to visit when they get the chance. I also got a job at fonQ since May which also has been a great learning experience. Not by doing pure PHP development […]

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DNS performance

With site performance you in generally focus on the site itself to make that as fast as you can. And most likely you add an object and page cache and call it a day. And sure that is what visitor is hitting continuously and you will noticed a big gain in doing so. But there are […]

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Joined Plesk

A new chapter has started for me today, as I have started my first day working at Plesk. My main focus has always been building up my company till the day my old boss from 1&1 called my up. He was joining Plesk as their CTO and asked me if I wanted to join. He […]

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Caching can be overrated

Caching is something that always comes up to speed up your site. People see it as a requirement to have and trust fully on it to be working. The main issue I have with this is the fact that it doesn’t solve problems but simply hides them. People never look deeper into the issue to […]

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Looking back at my contributions

After a stormy year with all kinds of things happening around and outside WordPress, it’s a great moment to reflect on all the contributions I have done to WordPress. I like to highlight all the things I have accomplished during my time contributing back to WordPress and related projects. I have grown as a person and as a developer. […]

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