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WordPress Contributions

WordPress is a great tool I use on a daily base and since 2010 I contribute back to the core of WordPress. Since then I helped out on 0 versions with 0 contributions in total.

0 Versions

0 Contributions

70 Events visited

39 Presentations


I've been speaking at small and large events and it's something I'm passionated to do. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have to others with the goal to inspire them.

I currently spoke at 39 events which are mostly focussed on WordPress.

Marko speaking at a WordCamp

GlotPress Contributions

GlotPress is a collaborative, web-based software translation tool. It has been used on since 2009. It was developed by Nikolay Bachiyski and I toke the lead over in 2013. I wanted to help out translators and validator to make their job easier.

In the period I was lead I was able to make 233 changes in a period of 32 months. Lots of improvements were made and people got interested in the project again. Due to circumstances I stopped in the end of 2015.

233 Contributions

32 Months lead

20+ Total contributors