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Goals 2018

First of all, 2017 has been an amazing year. First of all, I finally own my own house to which I invite all my friends to visit when they get the chance. I also got a job at fonQ since May which also has been a great learning experience. Not by doing pure PHP development but also by developing in other languages. The best experience has been that I could pick things up fairly easily.

Also I started playing handball again after 8 years which had it ups and downs with the greatest up being 3rd placed with my team at the Dutch beach handball championship. I have been so much fitter this year due to this and getting better every match. I can’t wait how 2018 will go and specially during the beach handball season.

All by all, it has been an amazing, busy and expensive year. Due to this all, I only had the chance to travel once but visiting Bucharest always is a pleasure. So for this year, I do want to travel more with the main goal to visit my friends and to hang out for a longer time.

Primary goals

  • Meet all of my closest friends this year
  • Travel to 2 new countries
  • A road trip including Serbia
  • An average of 10.000 a day.
  • Transforming this site to market my skillset
  • Write 100 blog posts excluding this one 😉
  • Start selling my own premium WordPress plugins
  • Grow my own business
  • Losing weight ~10kg

Secondary goals

  • Going to Mexico
  • Setting up my own foundation

Sidenote: This list will be completed in the next days.

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