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The next big step in life

Sometimes you make a decision that changes a lot of things. This week I made one. I decided to start working for a boss again. It isn’t something that I needed to do but the opportunity is a nice one and I decided to give it a change. It means changing everything since the job is Germany, so I will be moving there, finding an apartment and need to arrange all kinds of things. Maybe even start practicing my German again. The positive side will be that I can pick up handball again and that in a country what maybe has the best competition in the world.

A new job

Just more then a month ago I got a call about a job offer at 1&1. They want to hire a webdeveloper and founded me on the way. I had a few talks with them and it felt good to join them. One of the things I can do is contributing a little part of my time to WordPress. I also will try to help out in other major open source projects like Joomla, Drupal, Typo3. The other side of the job will be trying to make the experience better for people who are using them. I have tons of ideas on how to do this like redesign the install process, trying to optimize the servers and see what kind of software that can be installed.

I can learn a lot from the people working there. I already met a few brilliant people who contributed to Debian or changing kernels of linux distro’s. Most likely for fun. And even if a lot of developers don’t really care much about hosting in details I do. And I think I need this job to understand the part of hosting really well.


In March I started a new company under the name CodeKitchen in favor of my one-man business. This will still continue and I will even push it more by hiring someone, releasing a few premium products and releasing our first service. This will all happen this year. I also got a lot of premium plugin ideas and even thinking about to release a few themes. So this year the biggest focus getting my first service online and build the tools around that.

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  1. Mark Hamstra -

    Congrats on the new job Marko! Sounds like a great opportunity to do what you love to do while getting paid to do it! Also good luck with CodeKitchen, it sounds great (and quite similar to what I’m trying to do for MODX :P).


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