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The last couple of days I started to build GlotPress into a WordPress plugin. GlotPress is a collaborative, web-based software translation tool. What is pretty awesome. But the issue a lot of people having including me is that it isn’t easy extendable. You can create plugins for it but there isn’t an way to download a plugin from Let alone the possibility to update a plugin when it is needed.

I’m working together with Vinicius Massuchetto on some of the code at¬† Also other people have access to change code for it. So hopefully the group will be bigger and we can see how everything goes. If you would love to work on it please get in contact with me and lets talk.


The advantages of GlotPress being a plugin are huge. An easy updateable plugin that has a default theme included. People can then also create childthemes for it and change it for their needs. Also plugins can be put on Hopefully this all will people going to use GlotPress what result in more people contributing to GlotPress. What is currently an issue.

My ideas are to build a GitHub. So when I commit a change to GitHub with a translatable string, that is also is going to be included in GlotPress. This would make my workflow so much easier. And I can then share it on so other people can use it too.

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