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Joined Plesk

A new chapter has started for me today, as I have started my first day working at Plesk. My main focus has always been building up my company till the day my old boss from 1&1 called my up. He was joining Plesk as their CTO and asked me if I wanted to join. He explained the (new) focus of Plesk and after some consideration I decided that it was a great opportunity and so I decided to join Plesk. It also fits really well with my wish to buy my first house which should now become a bit easier.

My main focus will be improving their WordPress sites and the WordPress toolkit. Their website just got a complete redesign, which included the switch to WordPress. So a lot of things still need to be done and also some internal integrations need to be done. All by all a nice challenge for the rest of the year. The new features for the WordPress toolkit changes are the ones I can’t wait to talk about. So I will have to wait for that.

About Plesk

Plesk is the leading WebOps platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses. Available in more than 26 languages across 140 countries in the world, 50% of the top 100 worldwide service providers are partnering with Plesk today. Plesk is managing and securing more than 300’000 servers, powering more than 10million websites and at least 15M mail boxes world-wide. Besides simplifying complexity and saving time through automation for developers and sysadmins, Plesk enables its clients and partners to extend and customize Plesk as an open platform. The rich and open ecosystem does not only provide access to even more relevant features targeted at specific audiences such as developers, but also enables service providers of any size to generate unique upsell opportunities.

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My agency

I will still work on CodeKitchen B.V. and focus more on the roadmap, which I blogged about last year. Till now I mostly focussed on client work, which reduced my focus on building own products. The last period I started focussing more on that and with the job at Plesk I can build things better then I would have be able to do otherwise. It’s more about building great products than making enough money with it to life from.

Also things will not slow down. Maybe in the beginning, but I’m still planning to hire people in 3-6 months. Finding the right people who have the same interest in the products I will build and release in the next couple of months. Our first products are almost ready to be released. The planning is to have them released on June 4th. Which is my 30th birthday and a nice milestone to also release my first premium services and products.

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  1. Stanko Metodiev -

    Good luck with the new chapter! 🙂


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