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Moving to become an agency

Recently I have stopped working for 1&1 where I have worked for 18 months. During this period I learned a lot on how hosting works on a big scale. Working with some of the most talented people in the world has been a great experience. I therefore hope there will be a day that I will work with them once again.

After my experiences working there I’m ready for the next step. After giving it some thoughts about what to do I decided that I’m ready to start my own agency. I already started it two years ago, called CodeKitchen. Since then I slowly worked on some ideas together with a good friend of mine, Tara van der Wel. The focus in this period was to grow as a person to be ready for this and as of today this will be my fulltime job.

What I’m up to

The focus of my agency will be building up premium plugins for WordPress, PAAS/SAAS solutions and client work. Currently I’m working on building it up and next month the site will go live with its first products. This gives me a nice period to work on how I see my agency on the short & long term. I have already spoken with many people about it and have enough ideas to work on, this includes hiring people within a year. I already have a list with many names with whom I have greatly enjoyed working with.

How everything will turn out will be interesting and I’m really curious where it will lead me. In the end there is nothing to lose but only to gain.

3 Replies to “Moving to become an agency”

  1. Martin -

    Hey Marko,
    i wish you all the best with your own company!



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