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Tabify Edit Screen

When you’ve got lots of post meta-boxes, your post edit screen can become difficult to search. Make your post edit screen easier to navigate and manage by creating a set of tabs, with the Tabify Edit Screen plugin. And manage it all from the WordPress back-end!

There are still lots of things changing in the code base. There are some hooks you can use but they can change from implementation till 1.0. I will always try to maintain backwards-compatible but till 1.0 I can’t be sure for that.

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MySQLi database layer

MySQL_* functions is deprecated and this plugin creates a layer to use MySQLi instead. So you don’t get notices when using PHP 5.5

Be sure to read the installation instructions, as this is not a traditional plugin, and on activation you do need to install our database driver by using the settings screen or move manually db.php into your content directory.

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In WordPress 3.5 all of the GD functionality has been abstracted out and with that power Imagick has been including to WordPress 3.5 too. Gmagick needs to wait a little bit more but with this plugin you can already use it.

If you want to know a little bit more about the changes you can look at:

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WP DB Driver

This plugin adds an improved database layer to WordPress. It allows you to do more then the default one and is always up-to-date with the changes core makes.

mysql_* functions

The mysql_* functions are officially deprecated for PHP 5.5 and are throwing E_DEPRECATED errors.
On there is discussion on this topic.

This plugin reflects those discussions.

Why should I use this plugin?

You should use this plugin if you want to start using PDO / MySQLi for WordPress.

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Improved Image Editor

This plugin extend the power WordPress already have when it comes to image editing.

It currently focuses on the API side to give developers great tools to manipulate specific image sizes.
You can do this by calling Improved_Image_Editor::register_image_size_info(). Here you can specify the following arguments:
– quality
– zoom
– filters (work in progress)

It also includes the functionality of the following plugins I build:
– Gmagick
– Improved GD Image Editor
– WP_Image (will be included soon)

Future plans are to build a settings page so users can select the settings per image size themself.
I also have ideas to extend the current image editor UI with options to select the focus point per image size and build auto detection of the focus point. With every feature we add the main focus will be to build a decent API for it so at certain points it could be integrated in WordPress itself.

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YouTube DJ

When you want to add some fun to your site this plugin helps you out with that. It creates a two youtube players and a YouTube search to add songs to them.

At this moment I’m working on to get the queue working. When that is done playlist and channels will be supported that get auto loaded to the queue. Also support to save playlists on WordPress itself and saving history will be worked on.

If you got any idea please create a new topic in the support forum.

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Improved GD Image Editor

This plugin tries to fix things when you use GD for resizing. Currently when an image got resized it will lose all EXIF/IPTC data what can be a pain for some people. When using this plugin you will retain some of the data by storing it as IPTC data.

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Fullscreen Gallery

At this moment it only adds a gallery endpoint to posts with only one theme. In the next couple of weeks I will be looking at more solutions and build themes around those. I will then also start building a settings page where you can select what the default theme is and build a metabox where you can select per post what the options should be.

A demo can be seen at If you go to you see it’s a gallery provided by the theme and gets extended by this plugin. So when you go to you see the same images but without the rest of the site. The plugin is so build that it should easily integrate in your existing theme.

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Soon all plugins/themes are available on This plugin makes it easier to show what the status is of your active theme and plugins on the dashboard and the status of all plugins on the overview.

Soon more functionality will get added. Check out the GitHub repo for current code and tickets.

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