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Goals for 2021


It has been exactly 3 years since I have last posted and that was about the goals I had for 2018. Most I missed because that is the general rule of having goals setting at the beginning of the year. Mostly because I spent a lot of time on work and traveling to my work that year. I switched my job in 2018 to ZuluDesk which got Acquired in Februari 2019 by Jamf. It did reduced my traveling time a lot as the job is closer and in the same city as where I play handball.

Last year was an interesting year as we all can agree on. For me it’s a year to forget as I overworked myself due to experience engineers leaving. no new engineers getting added and having more time to myself as I was working from home and handball was most of the time also not allowed. It also didn’t help that at my job they weren’t helping out with reducing the workload we had and management was adding to it. Working on a product that helps out schools managing their devices means we had a busy year and suddenly with a smaller team.

This year

For this year I’m going to throw things around to focus more on myself and having goals that I want to achieve and make sure that nothing will stop me for doing that.

Primary goals

  • Start traveling to friends when it makes sense
  • Roadtrip Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bulgaria
  • Becoming more healthy by exercising daily for 30 minutes and finish the year with exercising daily for an hour
  • Releasing weekly new blogposts
  • Contribute back to open source again with targeting WordPress but also looking for new projects that are close to my hearth
  • Grow my own business to earning 100k

Secundary goals

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