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Recent open source projects I worked on

The last few months I have been working on a few open source projects. It’s something I enjoy to do and also need to do for myself. Like today I have been working on making WordPress MU Domain Mapping working when the WordPress code is in a subdirectory. This is the case when you use WordPress as an external/submodule. I needed this because I’m trying to move my whole installation to GIT and my plugins as submodules. I still need to check the code more but hopefully in a few days it’s has no bugs for me and hopefully my changes will get added.


I little bit taken over the whole project. It doesn’t say much since I’m basically work alone on it and most of the time I’m talking to myself on Trac. What is prettu sayd but that said it’s cool to work on something that is quite meaningful since is running on it. Till now I only did some minor fixes and helped out the mobile theme for fixing the export format for Windows Phone.

Paul Gibbs also helped out for helping out on the API side. You now can send Last-Modified/If?-Modified-Since header so you don’t download to much. He is planning to use it in BuddyPress. Who knows WordPress language packages are going to use it some day too.

For this year hopefully I can close most of the tickets on 1.0 milestone. At this moment there are 39 active tickets. Hopefully that also means that gets a real site instead of a redirection to Also it would be awesome to have a few regular contributors.

Bash scripts

After Nikolay Bachiyski showed me some bash script I was thinking about how I can use them on my own GlotPress installation where also Pods Framework is running on. So I wrote almost the same bash script to update the translations. It downloads the Git repository, generate a POT file with makepot.php and loads the file with the CLI script from GlotPress.

After doing this I was thinking how I could use a bash script to download translations from GlotPress. I created a script that downloads the Windows Prone repository and then selective select the GlotPress projects and downloads them to the right location inside the repository. After this it’s getting committed. The code now can be found inside on the WordPress Mobile GitHub account.


So WordPress has a tool to create things like POT files but to use it correctly for Pods Framework I needed to do some adjustments. Also this one can be found on my GitHub account. I did some minor fixes as be able to set the slug of the main file for a plugin since Pods framework using init.php and not pods.php.

After I wrote the bash script and did the first import I found out that there where a lot of extra strings added. After checking I saw it did also add strings without a domain. After reading the code I did just a minor check on the domain for plugins. So when the domain is empty it will skip that string. After a fresh run

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