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Recently I started building stuff on top of the WordPress API’s. They have quite some data you could retrieve and you can do really cool stuff with it. On you can already see how I’m using the version APIs and the download API to retrieve some really awesome stats. I just added linear graphs on version usage page. Now you can see really good what the change over the last 8 months was for the WordPress, PHP and MySQL versions. Soon I will start recovering older stats what hopefully gives an even better picture.


This was an page added a few months ago what shows the status of all the locales which have a WordPress locale. This could mean that they don’t exists at all yet but also have no package yet or even worse a package what is really old. Those stats are really great to see. Since a couple of days ago you now can also click through and see more details of a single locale. Also here I have enough ideas to work on. Like showing a history of how many languages where up to date but also integrate with GlotPress to show all the projects of a locale and integrate the new API that returns all the language packages. Check it out on

Contributors API

A fresh new project I’m working on is the contributors API. It’s a proof of concept and it retrieves a lot of information about a WordPress user. This comes from a lot of WordPress APIs but also by scraping the users profile to collect as much information we can. The field I like the most is “core_contributed_to” which shows all the WordPress versions you contributed to since 3.2. You can take a look at and see what kind of information it return for me. I’m currently working on making the code more stable so I can use it when building So then people have a nice UI on where they can browse through all the contributors. I know more people played with this kind of data before and I will see if I can use that code on this page. Like I do know that someone did create a map where all contributors where located at.


If you have ideas then please leave a comment here, contact me through my contact form or just talk to me on Twitter at @markoheijnen

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