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How my previous jobs has made me a better person


When I graduated in July 2010 I first wanted to do some experience at a company. I did my internship at theFactor.e and it made sense to also start working there. It was an awesome time and it’s a great company to work at. In my job as iOS developer I just struggled to much with being a fulltime and only iOS developer. And after almost 5 months I stopped working there. It wasn’t time trowed away since I did learned a lot there with the help of the Android developer. Not knowing how treading works and need to learn that in a week was one of the most interesting things I ever did. So if you ever see a nice vacancy you like, I would say go for it.

After that I decided that going to work at an university was making sense but it never get to that. I asked someone for a parttime job and that became in a month my next fulltime job. I start working at mobtzu (the valley)  and that was one of the worst decisions I ever made. I worked with a few awesome people like the design lead but some promises they made where never fulfilled. I was hoping to learn there more about user experience and interaction design but never got a real change for doing that. That for me was really important since I need more things to do then coding the whole day. So I quite my job again and end of June 2011 was my last day. After that I still did freelance work for them but it didn’t worked out.

But after WordCamp Norway 2012 they sued me after a presentation I did there. I just mentioned a project and that was all I did. Obviously when I signed my contract I read it all and I had question about one of the terms. In the end they said I only could say I worked there. If you read it it seems really weird and it still does to me. But I did learned that from now on other people will read my contracts too so I can see if they spot something wrong.

The present

After this all it made me a better person and be more respectful to the people I worked with. And if I ever be a boss to someone I would never be that disrespectful as mobtzu was to me. I would more do it like theFactor.e but obviously in my own way. The thing I never understood why every specialiasme had it’s own space/island (can be changed now). It doesn’t have to be a bad thing but me as a person like to be involved more then my own one. I want to learn from other people. It doesn’t mean I will ever be a designer but for example some tricks they know are good to know yourself. Obviously this are things you can solve on multiple ways.

So when I ever lead an company I will always respect freelancers and what they do. They should be equal to your own employees. So no payment two months later but on the way like you would expect it to be done to you. So on time or even within a few days when you got the invoice.

Work is just a part of our lives and it’s a requirement but it doesn’t mean we need to be stealing from each others. Be nice and help each other to make the best of their lives.

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