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Meetups and WordCamp Norway in January

The last month I visited the meetup in London, pre meetup in Belgrade, meetup in Enschede and WordCamp Norway. Lots of traveling in the weekends but so much fun. Meeting friends and creating new ones is something I love to do. And also I was able to spoke two times about the new media flow in WordPress and WP_Image_Editor where I worked on.

Meetup London

First time I visited a meetup outside The Netherlands so l had lots of expectations of it. Also because the meetup in London is a big one. The first talk from Laura Kalbag was quite interesting. It was about designing icons for WordPress. It’s not something I would do but I will for sure play with it. People sometimes forget how important it is.

The second presentation was from John Graham-Cummingabout Cloudflare. It’s quite an interesting service what can speed up your website since they will serve your pages. It’s not something I would probably use. I’m that guy that loves to have full control over the website. Still it can be really handy for people with bad hosting or get a lot of Ddos attacks.

Pre meetup Belgrade

In Belgrade I had a little meetup for planning a big WordPress meetup in Belgrade. The date is been set and the program is pretty much defined. I already am really enthusiast about it and would love to announce what we have in mind and that people can register for it. I hope we get a lot of positive feedback and we can use that to organize a WordCamp Serbia for this year. Hopefully soon there will be a real WordPress community in Serbia.

Meetup Enschede

Last Thursday the first meetup in Enschede had taken place. Around 50 people visited the meetup and for a first one that is an amazing thing. They let me give a talk and I presented the new media flow in WordPress and the cool stuff you can do with that. I showed an example how a new flow can be for editing an image. It included image filters so you can then create your own Instagram. People asked all kinds of questions like if WordPress improved smashing images. In the end there was a question round where people could ask all kinds of questions. Most of them I also responded on since there where quite a few technical questions. Overall a great evening and can’t wait till next time.

WordCamp Norway

This year I got an email if I wanted to speak in Norway and after last year my answer was obviously a full yes. Since I traveled last year to a lot of WordCamps and also knew a lot of people from last year I had an really awesome weekend. I even learned some weird stuff in JavaScript that I most likely never found out.

The presentation I gave here was almost the same as at the meetup in Enschede but with a small changes and an extra example in it. I hope the people here where also really inspired with my Instagram example. After the presentation there weren’t a lot of questions but due the day people ask me question about what you can do with WP_Image_Editor and mentioned certain use cases. I think in the next months we are going to see some really cool plugins that are using it like WPThumb.

Hackday WordCamo Norway

This was quite a interesting day. In the beginning I didn’t do much except putting my presentation online and talk with people about some issues they have. Later the day a charity hackathon started and I was working on a charity website. The only thing I really did was updating a plugin because it was using the newest jQuery version. I also tried to fix the calendar locally but that plugin was really weird with theming. I only managed once to get it working properly but then I founded out that there was a new update out for it. After the upgrade everything was broken again and till now I didn’t manage to get it working. Hopefully I get the pro version soon so I maybe can check it out if I get that one to work how it should.


If you like traveling you can go to really awesome meetups/WordCamps in Europe. I enjoyed every minute and can’t wait for the next WordPress related event. Also I would love to speak more this year and improve my presenting skills. I always love to show people things that I hack together in WordPress like my plugin Tabify edit screen and my WordPress as Instagram example.

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