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Speaking at WordCamp Norway

I will be speaking again at WordCamp Norway. It was my first WordCamp I ever spoke at and will always have a special place in my heart. Since then I always spoke at this event and it’s now my third time in a row.

This time I will go a bit out of my comfort zone and will be speaking about Javascript and why it matters. More and more of what I do involves building things with Javascript. The same happens within WordPress. In 3.5 WordPress started to use Backbone.js/Underscore.js and rebuild the media manager with it. After that features like revisions also started to depend more on Javascript. In the last release the theme management page was rebuild.

The problem now is that most WordPress developers don’t have those skills yet. In my talk I will show some javascript examples and show what cool things you can build with it. I’m going to to build something really cool with Node.JS that will be used to interact between users and the site. I will also try to build some example code with Backbone but I can’t promise that I will succeed. Luckily we have a great community and I’m sure I can find someone helping me out with it.

I’m really curious how everything will work out in the upcoming weeks and I can’t wait to give this talk. I really hope everything goes well. If you got great examples that I should show then please leave a comment ;).

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