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Speaking at WordCamp Paris

On Friday January 17th I will be speaking at WordCamp Paris. It’s an honor for me to be speaking at this WordCamp since it’s their first WordCamp that allows English talks. Another reason why this is special is that my employer 1&1 will sponsor this WordCamp too and it will be their first. The organization also posted a nice blog post about this. To bad it’s in French ;).

My talk will be about the history of WordPress code. Several people already spoke about it but in a different way then I’m planning too. I will be speaking about the code features per release by showing what you can do with it and combine that with statistics I can dig up. I will see what I come up with next week when I start preparing myself for this talk.

I can’t wait to do this talk. It feels like this is my first talk where I really can prepare myself. This because 1&1 gives me the time during my work to prepare. It’s always take a lot of time to prepare yourself and when you have clients lot’s of time you can’t prepare well enough. Or at least I rather prepare myself better since there is an audience that is eager to learn. Hopefully this is the start for me to be a better speaker.

Hopefully I see you guys there and we have time to grab a drink.

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