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Updating the site

I always used my site as a playground and in the upcoming weeks I’m trying to modernize it and make it more stable. Tonight I started with updated my about text a bit and the style of my buttons to be more flat. Also trying to see how I can integrate my daily work better in to the site. I don’t feel that a list of my contributions and GitHub repo’s/gists is a good view of this. If you got suggestionfor this then I really would love to hear them.

Updating my plugins

Besides design changes I also want to upgrade my plugins. I almost only use self created plugins this because  the issue that I’m having is that almost all plugins lack a certain feature I would love to have. The next plugin I’m going to replace is Google Analytics for WordPress. The plugin does work but it’s lack functionality that I need. So next week I will start building a fresh new plugin that will replace this plugin on all sites. I’m thinking to release the plugin as a premium one but not sure about that yet. Let’s first build it and see how unique it will be.

WP MU Domain Mapping

I used this plugin on my site and did made some adjustments to make it work on my installation. I run a network installation where WordPress is in a subdirectory. It does work good enough but lately some things got broken. I’m going to check my code on GitHub this month and try to merge the rewrite branch to master and hopefully it will then work much better then it does know.

The Engine

For my site I created a special page that shows what kind of software I’m running this site on. It’s shows some really cool stuff. At this moment it does show my object cache wrong for example. I’m now using APCu instead of APC but I never changed the class name. The idea is now to also show which plugins I’m using and link to the plugins that are public.

I’m also planning to release several blog posts about my nginx configuration, PHP configuration and other scripts that I use to run my site. Plan is to release a blog post tomorrow with my nginx configuration. I will create a GitHub repo with all the files in case I did something wrong and you want to correct it ;).

I’m planning to start using fastcgi caching with nginx. I’m going to look into this and see how I can speed things up with this. I still need to look into Batcache and invalidation of the cache. This doesn’t seem to work well at the moment.

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