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Blogging on a regular basic

The next weeks I will do a few blog posts every week. I decided that I must blog more after WordCamp UK and the idea from Mario to do three blog posts every week sounds as a good plan. It will be posted on WP Unknown and this blog depending if it’s a technical WordPress post or not.

Currently I’m working on an idea list has 24 items where 4 items are posts other people hopefully write for WP Unknown. It will be focussed on Media, Translations/GlotPress, Backbone, WordPress events, GIT, new features in WordPress and some random critical blog posts that will be compensated with positive ones.

I also want to start taking more photos on the trip I make and put them on my blog. The last moment I really did that was two years ago at WordCamp San Francisco. What is quite a shame if you went to a lot of cool places in the world and you don’t have something to show.

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