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Going to experiment with blogging

It’s always a pain to blog about something where you want to talk pages long about something and then you don’t blog at all. So I decided to do some short paragraph blogging with a maximum of 10 paragraphs. I’m not going to say that it always will happen because some things like WordSesh need a lot of words.

One of the reasons why I want to do this is that I can just blog about something that is on my mind without the need to go to deep in it. A short blog about something really awesome or something what needs attention. Also my hope is that it will lead to more reaction then people reading a long post and are clueless what they really read.

Obviously I first need to fix my blog a bit since I broke it when I accidentally overwrite some files. The design of that isn’t how I want it to be. Obviously I should use GIT and that is something I do use now. I only need to move all the code to live yet but first I need to test things out to have a WordPress network installation in a subfolder. Some things doesn’t work nicely yet like linking to /wp-admin/network/ (ticket 23221).

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