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First Meetup Serbia

First meetup Serbia is a fact. Yesterday we had an awesome start and it was great to see how many people came to the office of ManageWP. There were lots of questions and some nice discussions because of that.

It is a shame that my Serbian is not that good yet and that I didn’t understand most of what Vladimir Prelovac and Sinisa Komlenic told. Luckily I recorded both sessions so I can watch it back when I know more Serbian.

As far as I understand all people would love to see another one and we also told them the idea of having a WordCamp Serbia. I told everyone the rules behind organizing a WordCamp and why it wasn’t approved the first time. Hopefully we can start organizing a WordCamp soon when I have the change to talk with WordCamp central.

Also I’m really curious who will speak next time. There were lots of talented people yesterday and I can’t wait to hear them speak and then also understand them.

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